Brand Identity :


Brand Identity is a story that the brand narrates to each and every customers it meets and interacts with, whether digitally or personally. It is very important to have the right story with the right creativity to narrate the vision, mission and the approach of the brand towards its customers. PRA MEDIA has perfected this art of creating the right story and identity of the brand by working for more than 18 industries across 5 countries.

Our Methodology:

  • Understanding the brand
  • Predicting its future possibilities
  • Using the right colour and imagery
  • Creating the story
  • Reflecting the brand across all platforms

Logo Designing


For any business, its logo is considered as the Face of the Company. A magnificent amount of time and finance is invested in designing a perfect logo. A well thought and creative brand logo creates a significant impact on the company from the public point-of-view. It is your logo and your services that will connect your customers with you, thus giving you a decent marketplace and a successful business. Branding tells a lot about your company, right from who you are, what you offer and what to expect from you.

Our Methodology :

  • 1. Understanding the brand & business
  • 2. Research the industry and competitors
  • 3. Conceptualize ideas and design directions
  • 4. Using the right colour and imagery
  • 5. Creating the story with the logo
  • 6. Reflecting the brand across all platforms

Brand Positioning :


Your Brand is Your Promise to Your Customers! With the market swarming with millions of different brands, it gets more important to conceptualize your brand strategies. Brand Positioning can be defined as the unique impression that you wish to create in your consumer's mind. The main aim is to make your brand more desirable, distinctive and trustworthy than the competitors already existing in the market.

Our Unique Process :

  • Understanding the Brand and its Uniqueness
  • Identifying the Brand's current position
  • Studying the direct Competitors
  • Develop unique propositions
  • Formulating Strong, Creative and Clear Brand Statements

Advertising & Graphic Designing :


Graphics have taken the center stage in the digital world of branding and advertisement. It is important to create graphics that are aligned with your brand’s colors and values. Brand aligned graphics with a symmetry of designs acts as a push for your brand’s recall value. When your customers see your advertisement or any other content on either digital or conventional platforms for the second time they will recognize your brand, and this is only possible when all your graphics narrate the same value & story.

Our Unique Process :

  • Understanding the brand & its story
  • Exploring new colors from the brand’s color pallets
  • Defining the right graphic sense
  • Campaign orientation for all advertisement & networking platforms
  • Platform specific graphic designing
  • Constant recreation of brand based fresh graphics

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